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The Pharmacy Service carries out applied research activities, mainly focused on the following lines:


Pharmaceutical Care

Line aimed at documenting and evaluating the impact, on health outcomes, of pharmaceutical interventions within care teams.

Pharmaceutical interventions aim to optimize the specific treatment of each patient and adapt it to their pathophysiological characteristics.

The objective is to identify the aspects of pharmaceutical care that are most associated with favorable clinical outcomes as well as quality of life.


Primary and secondary prevention of PSM


Mobile Health and Telepharmacy




Artificial nutrition

Line aimed at generating evidence that supports a cost-effective use of Total Parenteral Nutrition in a tertiary hospital and Enteral Nutrition in outpatients in the area of ??influence.


Clinical pharmacokinetics

Line aimed at optimizing the use of drugs with a narrow therapeutic margin. Current studies are focused on population pharmacokinetic analyses.


Antibiotic stewardship

Collaboration with the Clinical Microbiology Service and the Infectious Diseases Unit in projects of the Spanish Network for Research in Infectious Pathology and the FIS.


Chemotherapy treatments: predictors of response and toxicity

Collaboration with the Oncogenesis and Antitumor Research Group (GOA), which was declared a Consolidated Research Group in July 2009.

File number: 2009?SGR?1437. IP: Ramón Mangues.

Grants to support the activities of research groups (SGR), Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR), Government of Catalonia

Members of the group: M. Trias, F. J. Sancho, M Parreño, M. V. Céspedes, M. A. Mangues, X. León, A. López-Pousa, I. Casanova.


Clinical trials without commercial interest

Collaboration in the preparation of the medication for this type of trial and in its subsequent execution as members of the research team.


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