Service portfolio

Pharmaceutical care

  • Pharmacotherapeutic support for medical care teams and inpatients and outpatients.
  • Individualized pharmacotherapeutic monitoring.
  • Identification and resolution of medication-related problems.
  • Evaluation and communication of adverse drug reactions.
  • Reconciliation of medication.
  • Medication information.
  • Health education.
  • Medicine utilization studies.
  • Clinical Pharmacokinetics Program.

Artificial nutrition

  • Valuation indication artificial nutrition.
  • Design type (parenteral vs enteral) and diet composition.
  • Daily individualized monitoring of patients.
  • Home Enteral Nutrition Program.

Drug evaluation

  • Presidency and Technical Secretariat of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Commission.
  • Medicine utilization studies.
  • Technical Office of the Harmonization Program of the MHDA.

Pharmaceutical technology

  • Preparation of intravenous mixtures.
  • Preparation of parenteral nutrition.
  • Preparation of master formulas.
  • Preparation of pharmaceutical forms not available on the market.
  • Preparation of pharmaceutical forms for economic reasons.
  • Analysis and control of raw materials.
  • Repackaging of medicines in unit doses.
  • Preparation of pharmaceutical forms for independent clinical trials.

Logistics management of medicines

  • Supplier management, with the collaboration of the Logistics Department (purchasing and warehouse).
  • Definition and classification of demand.
  • Order management.
  • Stock control.
  • Reception of medicines.


Distribution and Dispensation

Admitted patients

  • Distribution of medicines by unit doses in Hospitalization rooms (daily, except holidays).
  • Automated distribution of medicines (Pyxis) in emergencies, ICUs, semi-critical care, psychiatry, operating rooms, and short-stay units.
  • Computerized record of medication dispensed by patient.
  • Registration and control of drug returns.
  • Replenishment of medication in first aid kits (radio frequency system).
  • Differentiated circuit for dispensing urgent medication.
  • Different circuit of dispensing narcotics.
  • Dispensing to outpatients

Medicines for hospital use.

  • Foreign medicines.
  • Medicines from clinical trials.
  • enteral nutrition
  • Validation of CatSalut prescriptions.

Management of clinical trial drugs

  • storage
  • distribution
  • Dispensing for inpatients and outpatients

Economic management and budget monitoring

Healthcare information

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