General Emergency Department

Ubicació Urgències


Sant Quintí, 87 · 08041 Barcelona

Opening times

Open 24 hours a day
(From 22:00 to 6:30 access to the Hospital is through this door)


(+34) 93 553 76 00

Public transport

Metro: L4 Guinardó | Hospital de Sant Pau
Bus: 192, H6 i N0

If you need urgent attention, remember that, on arrival to the Emergency Department, you will be assessed by the healthcare team, who will determine the level of urgency of your condition and assign a doctor to see you.

You may have to stay in the waiting area to receive the treatment that you require, as long as immediate treatment is not required in your case.

If possible in view of the situation, in order to avoid overloading hospitals’ emergency services, citizens are advised to consult continuous outpatient services, on 061 or the "Sanitat Respon" (Healthcare hotline)  on 902 111 444 before resorting to use hospital emergency services.

When you arrive at the Emergency Department, the healthcare team will ask you to show a document verifying your right to healthcare coverage and your National Identity Document. In the event that you do not have this documentation with you, a relative or companion must take charge of providing identification data at the earliest possible opportunity.

In the event that you are admitted to hospital, the healthcare team will take charge of all the formalities required for your admission.