Missio, visio i objectius

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Mission, vision and objectives


Part of the Hospital's Management Committee, the mission of the HR Management is to align the staffing policies with Sant Pau's strategies and objectives.

This mission is achieved by advising the rest of the management teams as an internal consultant and making decisions on certain issues and problems related to employment. Its mission is also to implement and monitor the measures required for the effective management and administration of staff.


The HR Management team strives to increase efficacy and efficiency by continuously improving internal and cross-departmental processes. In the same way, another of its purposes is to meet the expectations and achieve the satisfaction of all of the users, ensuring an excellent quality of service. To this end, it is committed to the effective use and implementation of new technologies.


Strategic objectives (Strategic Plan proposal)

1.    Adequately and efficiently adapting the size of the Hospital's staff to the range of services and activity conducted.

2.    Promoting the quality of employment, reducing insecurity and fostering the professionals' stability and commitment.

3.    Guaranteeing the constant provision of services through qualified, committed and motivated professionals.

4.    Developing a system of recruitment, promotion and remuneration designed to enhance development and performance, ensuring a suitable turnover of new staff.

5.   Implementing efficient information systems in the HR Department.