Rights and Obligations

Rights and Obligations
Rights and Obligations

Considering an active, demanding, and empowered citizens, called to take responsibility for their own health, and health care professionals increasingly committed to excellence, the Department of Health reformulated the former 2001 charter to include new concerns and demands.

Here, you will find the current Charter of Citizens’ Rights and Obligations in relation to health and health care, published by the Department of Health in late 2015 and inspired by 5 ethical principles: personal dignity, freedom and autonomy in decision-making, personal equality, access to information and knowledge in health care, and civic commitment. These 5 principles give rise to nearly one hundred rights and obligations, which are grouped into the following 10 areas:

1. Equality and non-discrimination of people
2. Protection and promotion of health and prevention of disease
3. Access to the health care system
4. Privacy and confidentiality
5. Autonomy and decision-making
6. Health care information, clinical documentation, and ICT
7. Quality and safety of the system
8. Genetic make-up of the person
9. Research and experimentation
10. Participation


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