The Hospital’s mission, vision and values
The Hospital’s mission, vision and values
The Hospital’s mission, vision and values

Mission statement

The Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau is a healthcare service provider serving its area of influence and a leading institution in Catalonia in terms of excellence in these services.

It is a competitive and dynamic hospital in its fields of activity: healthcare, teaching and research.

It is open to society and its healthcare environment, as well as being person-oriented. Moreover, it is also a leader as a specialized tertiary and high complexity healthcare centre at a national and international level.


The Hospital strives to continue to set the standard in Catalonia as a leading centre based on the excellence of its healthcare, teaching and research services, strongly integrated within its area of influence and boasting a high level of qualification in human, professional and technological terms. It also aims to be the leading provider of healthcare services in the population within the area of influence that it covers.

In order to achieve its vision, the Hospital focuses its effort on the following strategic lines of action:

  • Improving coordination with other levels of healthcare in order to provide a more responsive and effective service.
  • Modernizing healthcare processes and implementing greater clinical management in order to adapt to modern times and anticipate the need of users.
  • Orienting the Hospital towards innovation and research to develop new processes, techniques and treatments that improve the patients’ quality of life.
  • Dedicating efforts and resources to implementing Information and Communication Technologies to ensure more effective knowledge management.
  • Improving clinical safety with the creation of new ethical committees, the implementation of the Code of Good Practices and the continuity of the Hospital staff.


There are six founding pillars that underpin the common values of the philosophy of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau.

Professionalism, competence, expertise and teamwork
Contributing knowledge and experience for the benefit of others with rigour and responsibility, with cooperation and coordination between the different professionals in order to achieve common goals. Boasting the very best professionals in the different fields of knowledge and activity.

Participation, dialogue, transparency and a culture of accountability
Participation as a requirement of mutual commitment needs flexible organizational structures and the promotion of communication mechanisms that facilitate it.

Ethical and social commitment
Commitment to the general public and the professionals, being sensitive to the needs of the environment and having a strong sense of belonging to the institution. Desire to deal with people politely and respectfully.

Prioritizing quality and patient safety
Providing the highest level of healthcare quality throughout the process of caring for the patient, offering them the most suitable services, identifying the potential associated risks and preventing possible adverse situations.

Culture of evaluation and rigour
Evaluation increasingly has to be a culture that is integrated throughout all procedures and everybody that takes part in them, in order to strive to achieve excellence.

Continuous improvement and innovation
Being adaptable, flexible and responsive to changes and needs at an internal level and in the environment, and anticipating such changes and needs. This is a continuous process designed to obtain the best possible performance with the available resources. Generating knowledge in the field of health.