Cartera Serveis Recursos Humans

Cartera Serveis Recursos Humans
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The priority of the Human Resources Management is aligning the professionals with the Hospital's strategic objectives, incorporating four objectives that provide added value:

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of the staff, both in the healthcare area and in terms of management and services, in order to facilitate the fulfilment of the Hospital's targets with respect to production, quality and sustainability.
  • Increasing the professionals' level of identification with and commitment to the Hospital, by establishing a range of human resources management services.

  • Developing an HR framework adapted to the organizational structure in order to improve the allocation of resources and faster professional adaptation to the position.

  • Generating the professional development tools required for all of the staff in order to improve the service provision and facilitate the conservation of knowledge.

In order to enable these objectives to be achieved, the following staff policies are implemented:

  • HR planning policies, which cover all aspects of organizational development, productivity, staff planning and definition of professional profiles.

  • Staff incorporation policies, which cover all aspects of staff recruitment, selection, appointments and integration in the company.

  • HR management policies that cover all aspects of organizing work times, administrative situations, work-life balance, remuneration and internal regulations.

  • HR development policies, which cover all aspects of the working environment, training, professional careers, flexibility and motivation.