Cos Facultatiu - Organització
Medical Faculty

The Hospital's Medical Faculty is structured into a number of different bodies and is governed by a set of regulations approved by the Governing Board of the Healthcare Management Foundation.

Representative bodies

The representative bodies of the Hospital's Medical Faculty are formed of the following groups and commissions:

General Assembly of the Medical Faculty                                                       

Comprised by all of the full members and associate members (with the right to speak but not to vote) of the Medical Faculty. This is the highest level body in terms of decision-making.

Executive Council of the Medical Faculty  

The Executive Council is the highest representative body of the Medical Faculty.

Board of Delegates           

The Board of Delegates is an advisory body providing guidance to the Executive Council of the Medical Faculty. It is comprised of physicians representing the different services.


Notwithstanding any commissions or committees that may be created in the future, there are currently two types of commissions in the Medical Faculty:

Representatives commissions:  these are working groups created by delegation to complete the missions that it is assigned by the Medical Faculty. These are the Credentials Commission and the Conduct Commission.

Institucional commissions: formed by the commissions of management bodies of Teaching and Research, and the Hospital's Joint Commission with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. They also include healthcare commissions of compulsory compliance and quality assurance, such as the Clinical Research Ethics Committee, the Healthcare Ethics Committee and the Commissions integrated within the Quality Programme.

Advisory bodies

Board of Delegates

The Executive Council of the Medical Faculty is advised by the Board of Delegates, among others. The Board's functions include providing guidance on any issues that the Executive Council considers appropriate and acting as the mouthpiece of the medical practitioners working in the services with respect to their opinions and suggestions, as well as informing doctors with regard to the Service that they represent.


The Board of Delegates convenes at the request of the Executive Council of the Medical Faculty or, in other words, when 25% of the Council's members make such a request.

The Board can ask the Services to replace the delegates that miss the meetings without due cause.

Election mechanisms

The physicians from each Service elect a delegate in an internal vote. The result of the vote is sent to the Executive Council. The election is called by the Executive Council of the Medical Faculty. The term of office of the delegates is two years.