Presentacio Farmacia


The mission of the Pharmacy Service is to work to improve the health and well-being of the population, promoting the safe and effective use of medicines within the framework of a sustainable public health system.


The Pharmacy Service aspires to be recognized nationally and internationally for its model of care for inpatients and outpatients and for the professional competence and human quality of its team, where assistance, teaching and research play an equal role.

The principles on which it is based are:

  • The knowledge based on the experience accumulated over the last 40 years, the professionalism of the human team that makes up the Pharmacy Service, their continuous training and the applied research work that has positioned them as pioneers in many of the services that they offer
  • The quality perceived by its "customers", as a driving element of its improvement, continues in management and in pharmaceutical care.
  • The attitude of service towards its "customers" and which has the patient as its central core.
  • The ability to continuously update and adapt the service they offer to the changing conditions of the healthcare world.
  • The human team as a key element for the development of its mission.


Contacte Farmàcia


Localització: Planta -2 , Mòdul D (accés restringit)

Telèfon: 93 553 74 64

Correu electrònic:

Farmàcia Ambulatòria

Localització: Planta -1 Mòdul A

Horari: de dilluns a divendres, de 8h a 14:15h i de 15h a 17h.


Farmàcia – Nutrició Enteral i espessidors

Telèfon: 93 553 74 58 (contestador automàtic)

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Twitter: @farmaciasantpau

Instagram: @farmaciasantpau