El servei
The mission of the Neurosurgery Service is the surgical treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system and their casings (spinal column, cranial vault and base of the skull); training doctors specializing in neurosurgery and teaching medical students; research to advance knowledge and improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease of the nervous systems; and providing neurosurgical care for inpatients, emergency patients and outpatients, 365 days a year.
el servei
The service

Informació assistencial
Health information


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Users information

Ubicació i Contacte
Secretaria de Neurocirurgia

Bloc A, 4ª planta, Mòdul 4.

Telèfon: 93 556 56 98

Fax: 93 556 56 07

correu secretaria: neurocirurgia@santpau.cat

Consulta externa
Bloc A, Planta 1ª. Mòdul 2, despatxos 12 i 13
Sala Hospitalització

Sala C3, Bloc C, 3ª planta.

Telèfon extensió: 93 553 73 18