Memòria 2021
Memòria 2021
Reference Area
Municipal districts
Eixample   Area: 101,35 Km2
Horta-Guinardó   408.268 inhabitants
Gràcia   Density: 4.028,29 hab./Km2
Sant Martí   24,07% of the population of Barcelona
Sant Andreu   Population > 65 years old: 21,69%


Primary Care teams
PCC Roger de Flor   PCT 2G - Dreta de l’Eixample i 2J - Monumental
PCC Passeig de Sant Joan   PCT 2H - Passeig de Sant Joan
PCC Sagrada Familia   PCT 2I - Sagrada Família and 2K - Gaudí
PCC Pare Claret   PCT 6A - Joanic i 6B - Vila de Gràcia
PCC Larrard   PCT 6C - Lesseps i 6E - La Salut
PCC Sanllehy   PCT 7A - Sanllehy
PCC Sardenya   PCT 7B - Sardenya
PCC Guinardó   PCT 7G - Guinardó Baix
PCC La Sagrera   PCT 9A - La Sagrera
PCC Passeig Maragall   PCT 9C - Congrés, 10E - Encants and 10F - Camp de l’Arpa







The Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau is a health services institution of its area of influence and a reference in Catalonia for services of excellence.

It is a competitive and dynamic hospital in its fields of action: Assistance, teaching and research.

It is open to society and its health environment and people-oriented, but it is also a reference as a center of specialized tertiary care and high complexity in the national and international spheres.

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