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Space Rental
Space Rental

Events Hall

The Events Hall of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau is located on the 3rd floor of block A and has a capacity for 220 persons (expandable to 235 persons), and can be complimented by multi-purpose rooms.

The Events Hall is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. This allows video recording and editing, live broadcasting from the operating block, videoconference among other possibilities.


Multi-purpose rooms

The multi-purpose rooms are 3 modular spaces, which combined add up to 100m2 capacity. They are located on the second floor of block A (next to the Events Hall) and are designed for organizing meetings, conferences and exhibitions. 

They are equipped with technology that allows simultaneous projection of activities being held in the Events Hall, complementing and increasing total capacity. 



The vestibule on the Second floor is prepared for organizing technical exhibitions and catering services. 


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communication contact
Press Officer

Abraham del Moral

Telèfon: 93 553 78 30

E-mail: adelmoralp@santpau.cat

Hiring Venues

Telephone: (+34) 93 553 78 30

E-mail: espais@santpau.cat

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